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Protect your stud farm with a hazard management programme and a safety plan from New Zealand’s leading Rural Consultants, Agsafe NZ Ltd.

At the core of any business, safety should always be the number one priority and this is especially true for those that work and live in the equine industry says Waikato-based expert farm safety and rural consultancy company, AgSafe NZ.

AgSafe NZ specialises in consulting with the rural, equine and racing sectors to prepare hazard management programmes and safety plans. “We can provide detailed Health & Safety Plans to comply with the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015,” says Jim Findlay, Rural Consultant for AgSafe NZ Ltd.

“We can act as the businesses’ health and safety representatives with regular staff meetings and skills training,” advises Jim. AgSafe can keep you and your team up to date with all the latest legislative developments and court decisions that could affect your farm. They will also assist you in understanding these issues and remain compliant.

Health & Safety in any business starts with employing the right people. “We can provide Employment Agreements and provide staff mediation services together with carrying out reference checks for applicants,” adds Jim. The team at AgSafe have been consulting in the rural and equine sector for a long time and have seen it all, they have yet to come across an issue they can’t solve.
The friendly professionals at Agsafe can provide you with general farm management advice and assistance particularly relating to stock management, farm systems and ‘’pasture quality management which is often a challenge on horse studs,’’ comments Jim.

“The pasture quality management and cropping programs provide the basis of feeding the animals to required performance achieve targets,” adds Jim. AgSafe NZ is proudly Waikato based and understands the local farming environment. Jim Findlay has been a rural consultant involved in farm safety and systems for 35 years.

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