Farming is both a business and a way of life.

Farming is both a business and a way of life.


Farming is both a business and a way of life. 

The farm is a great place to raise a family and enjoy life and if the business part is run well, it can be rewarding and profitable for all involved.

The most important attribute for profitable farming that is often forgotten about when we measure KPI’s and other performance factors is the enjoyment or the fun factor. The long-term goals, the financial management with measured KPI’s, the cost of feed and the management of the land and staff are all pointless if the farm business is not being enjoyed by those involved. We often underestimate the “Way-of-Life” or fun factor that allows people to enjoy their employment and business involvement.

The “Way-of-Life” will see children involved. They will be always learning and caring for animals and it will see children learning to ride motorbikes and drive vehicles; to be safe around waterways and when climbing trees and hunting for rabbits and most of all learning about life. It is a life-time learning experience that cannot be replicated in other environments. Rural children do, however, miss out on some of their urban counterparts activities like wandering around malls, eating junk food and sitting for long hours on a beach in inclement weather as that is the only time the parents can get off work.

Never underestimate how the “Way-of-Life” factor will impact on the children later in life, those un-noticed experiences and casual observations of seeing parents working together are invaluable.

James Findlay.

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