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Agsafe’s farm safety procedures help avoid minor incidents to more serious accidents on the farm, which can result in disability or death.

Safety is not just for other people, it is for us all. It is about you.

17 people on average are killed in workplace accidents on farms every year making it one of the most dangerous occupations in NZ. Agsafe is about lowering that number through farm safety and consultancy measures which lower the risk.

It’s about your productivity. Fit and healthy people are essential for a successful farming enterprise. On an average ACC pays for approximately 20,000 farm-related injury claims each year. This represents time lost and limited productivity which are costs not always accounted for.

It’s the law. To meet your obligations under NZ’s health & safety legislation you are required to do everything that is reasonably practicable to provide and keep a safe work environmet.

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We can prepare and provide the following:

    • A full review of your safety procedures.

    • Identify hazards

    • Safety plans for your farm or rural business

    • Hazard management plans.

    • Management schedules for record keeping

    • Management and incident support and reporting

    • Signage

    • HR and management services

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Stock, quad bike and tractor accidents cost over $ 12.5 million in a year to ACC

We can help you meet the standards required to comply with your obligations in Health and Safety.

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