Why every farm needs a health and safety plan with New Zealand’s leading Rural Consultants, AgSafe

The great diversity farms across New Zealand results in various blends of safety dangers and risks on individual farms. A rural health and safety plan will allow you to adapt to the current and changing needs within your specific farming business says New Zealand’s leading farm consultants, AgSafe NZ.

Farms are workplaces and just like all other workplaces, workplace health and safety laws apply. AgSafe can help you meet the requirements under the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015 with the specialised Health and Safety plans.  A health and safety plan from AgSafe can help minimize the risk of injuries and fatalities by providing practical guidance for on farm health and safety.

A health and safety plan will help you find all the safety hazards on your farm and eliminate them. “If you can’t eliminate the hazards, you should Isolate them and if you can’t isolate the risks, you should minimise them by monitoring them regularly and record significant hazards and controls and in a hazard register,” says Jim Findlay, Rural Consultant for AgSafe New Zealand Ltd. A hazard register doesn’t have to be complex; it can be just a book, spreadsheet or online document in which this information is logged.

A farm health and safety plan needs to have rules and procedures for specific tasks, a training and capability module, delegated roles and responsibilities, employee participation, emergency plans, systems for monitoring environmental issues and processes for; farm safety inspections, maintenance and contractor management. “These procedures are a key part of health and safety plans. All farms need to have set up, maintain and store the correct health and safety documents,” adds Jim.

The commitment to farm safety starts when you take ownership of the health and safety of yourself and your employees. “The actions that you do for this are a demonstration of the values that you want in your safe farm culture,” says Jim.


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