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Farm contractor health and safety is made easy with New Zealand’s leading Rural Consultants for AgSafe New Zealand Ltd.

Farmers and contractors must work together to ensure the health and safety for all, every time a contractor comes on a farm says specialists Waikato-based rural health and safety consultants AgSafe New Zealand Ltd.

Farmers have to ensure that any risks from working on the farm are sensibly managed or eliminated to guard the health and safety of agricultural contractors. The farm, buildings and any area where work is being done needs to be safe for everyone including contractors.

“Conversely, contractors must make sure that any dangers from their work that could affect the farmer, farmworkers or other contractors on the farm are minimised or removed,” comments says Jim Findlay, Rural Consultant for AgSafe New Zealand Ltd.

Both the farmer and contractor need to be satisfied that each of their health and safety policies can be worked with. However, for busy farms and contractors, this can take up a hefty amount of time when you need to read and analyse each document. This where AgSafe can make the process simple. 

“At AgSafe we can analyse the policies of both the farmer and the contractor and then provide a report for the contractor summarising the contractor’s policy as it may affect the farmer,” adds Jim.

Having a meeting before work begins, is useful for both farmers and contractors to reach a common understanding and establish clear roles and responsibilities.

All businesses should have an operational health and safety policy. This policy must have all accident and incident reporting procedures documented.  It is essential that contractors have a contractor’s agreement and that both parties involved. must know their separate responsibilities. As specialist rural consultants, AgSafe NZ can provide support if there is an accident or an incident in the business.

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